While the dictionary meaning of a Brand may mean a stamp, an identity or a trademark, the Global Chief Executive of Interbrand, Jez Frampton while releasing the 2011 Best Global Brands list aptly defined Brand as a Living Business Asset. It possibly sums up the importance a Brand plays in the existence, sustenance and success of a product or service. Both real and virtual.

If you go through the list of the top three brands of the 2011 Best Global Brands list you will find that all three of them were born within the last forty years. Be it Apple, Google or Microsoft. In the current year, an even recent brand called Facebook may surpass them or give them company at the top. All of them are young, intelligent, suave and useful. They touch your life at various points in time.

To us it means that you don't need to have a century of existence to build a brand. If you understand what your product or service can do to the life of people you are targeting, then you may as well be able to create a Living Business Asset. We at Mindworx call that function Marketing. We would be very happy to handhold you in the journey.

We have worked with some relatively unknown but professional companies in the last four years and helped them either enhance the Value of their Brand or build one from scratch. We worked extensively on the 4 P's of marketing as defined by E.Jerome McCarthy way back in 1960. We worked long and hard with the 5th P, which to us were the People involved in the creation.

Our own long years in the Corporate world in itself helps us to bring insights to our clients businesses. However, we are not restricted in our thinking, We always talk, listen and learn from various people who are a stakeholder in one way or the other before defining Marketing Strategies for our clients.

Any Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) in any sector, which believes it has a great product or service to offer to a consumer can talk to us. We will be glad to come on board and help you understand your consumer, position your brand, communicate the salience of your brand in the most articulate manner and build an effective Brand Strategy that will stand the test of time.

You need to share the benefits only when you attain Success. Can you find a better business proposition.