Receivable Management

Collecting the dues on time is quite critical for survival, growth and success of any business. We believe Collection is a separate function that is best handled by the experts.

Our modern infrastructure, experienced workforce, professional work culture and wide network allow us to effectively serve our clients. Our team comprises qualified finance, management and legal professionals and we work closely with clients with a single point agenda – how to manage receivables efficiently.  

We analyze the situation and recommend the best strategy for improving the existing system, removing operational bottlenecks, strengthening control mechanism and recovering overdue debts. We also handle all communications including initial demands, negotiations and, if needed, legal proceedings. 

We offer end to end solution, geography specific service and customised service for a class of customers or debt pertaining to a certain period.

Collecting the dues on time has become quite critical to business and many a times it makes business sense to outsource Receivable Management to a focused organisation that understands your business. 

Mindworx offers following services to improve your cash flow and profit. 

High quality billing service to ensure accurate revenue recognition  

Timely delivery of invoices to the appropriate authority to ensure quick processing

Follow up of dues over phone and mail by central desk

On field follow up to reconcile in advance and collect dues on time 

Resolution of disputes in consultation with client 

Enabling clients to take possession of mortgaged assets

Support clients to sell / auction assets of defaulters

Accounting of related transactions  

Arranging balance confirmation from customers for audit purpose

Planned or surprise audit in branches to test effectiveness of control mechanism

Collection of information about client’s customers on their infrastructure, promoters’ background, past performance to assess creditworthiness 

All resources are deployed by Mindworx to ensure flawless execution.  

Commercials : We work on following fee structure.

Option A: Success Fee as a % on amount collected

Option B: Fixed Retainer fee and Success Fee 

Our clients hire us to improve their cash flow and profit, enhance customer satisfaction through this post-sales service, release time of their sales team and focus on their own core competence.